Capital punishment essay papers: which side are you on?

The subject of capital punishment is one many will continue to argue for years to come. It is more than just someone being found guilty of a heinous crime. Some people are for capital punishment and the death penalty depending on the crime committed. Others feel that we as humans have no say in how someone else should die even though they may have been found guilty of evil wrong doing.

So, when it comes to writing an essay on the subject, how do you go about discussing your viewpoints while presenting a valid argument? There are several sides to this story you should review to get a better understanding.

When You Agree to Capital Punishment

If this is something you feel needs to be done under certain circumstances you should present evidence and details that show why it should be done. In this case, students may look to refer to a case that really happened in the past and describe how legal matters played a role in criminal conviction. Other students may look to write about it from a personal opinion standpoint and detail why they feel someone should die by the system. You may even detail certain crimes that one should be convicted of in order to face capital punishment. Other ideas may include how a person is executed (should it be changed or modified) and why prison systems allow people to watch them take someone’s life.

When You Disagree with Capital Punishment

This side of the situation often has plenty of emotion just as those who are for it. Yet, some people have compassion enough to say they don’t feel justice is served when someone’s life is taken by the system. It does cost taxpayers money to do this and many of them just don’t agree with the idea, no matter how heinous the crime. Students writing on this concept may look into cases that had large protests of people who were against having someone executed. What other form of punishment would you recommend for a criminal instead of the death penalty?

When a Criminal Could Potentially Be Innocent

Unfortunately, the legal system has kinks that still need to be worked out. They say you are innocent until proven guilty, but it is possible someone is facing capital punishment for a crime they did not commit. What should happen with someone who claims they are innocent?

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