Easy Tips to Help You Create a Solid Five-Paragraph Essay

Writing a five-paragraph essay is much like riding a bike. Once you have learned to ride a bike you will never forget, but each bike ride will always be different with unique obstacles and roadblocks. Just like with an essay, once you have learned the rules for writing a five-paragraph essay, you will never forget. Some easy tips to help you create a solid five-paragraph essay include: research, planning, and organization.


After you have thoroughly read the instructions and prompt of your essay you should have a good understanding of what is expected of you. Taking these guidelines into consideration, you are ready to begin your research. Start some reading and see what topics inspire you. You want to be sure you are interested in your topic, because this will help hold your interests and keep you engaged with the research and writing. In your research you want to gather all of the important basics and background information on the subject, as well as dive deeper into scholarly and reputable sources on your topic of choice.


After you have selected a topic and gathered your research, you are ready to make a plan and get started. It is best to set a schedule for yourself. This will help you get all of your work done in small doable steps. If you complete each of these tasks on time, sticking to the agenda, the essay will be done with minimal stress. Also, in your planning you will want to make a plan for your paper.


Your system of organization will start with your plan for your paper. Your outline is your master plan for your paper, and this is the primary method of organization for all of your research. The outline will organize the content and research of your paper. The outline acts as the roadmap. It is broken down into the introduction, body content, and conclusion. The introduction is where you will outline your thesis statement and main points of the paper. The body content will present the main points of the topic. Transitioning from the body, the conclusion will make any final statements about the topic and wrap up any loose ends.

When writing your next five-paragraph essay focus on the research, planning, and organization. If you master these steps, you will successfully complete your essay every time.

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