Postmodern Philosophy and the Zen

If you want to learn more about Buddhism and Zen thinkers, “Zen and the Art of Postmodern Philosophy” may be something to consider reading. A number of reviewers have found the contents interesting as it gives insight on inspiration behind Zen philosophy. The book offers great information for people who want to learn more about this culture. Although it gives information people can read, some say they got lost in the context and found it difficult to follow. Some felt this element may be what attracts others to learn from it.

The book was written by a college professor that wrote others books similar in nature and related to the same culture. This book provides more details on Zen thinking and what elements considered most important or sacred to Buddhists, but with modern aspects. The book provides elements easy for other to understand. For instance, the book explores Zen thinkers and how they perceive different ways of thinking, doubt, skepticism, the body, death, life and more. Many who have read the book felt a deep connection to its contents. Some felt it gave more meaning behind life while others felt it offered more understanding on how to live your life better with purpose.

There were elements people found difficult to follow that some wonder if it had any reason for being mentioned in the first place. This is said because some felt there were pieces of information or details that seemed out of touch for the subject matter. Some may be familiar with Zen thinkers and their common philosophies, but still wasn’t able to follow certain details discussed. A few readers didn’t think this element spoiled the rest of the contents. Overall, many recommended others to read the book for personal development purposes or to gain a deeper understand behind religious beliefs.

“Zen and the Art of Postmodern Philosophy” gave an idea of what challenges and differences Zen thinkers dealt with in relation to the western tradition. The book details traditions from different perspectives (Zen Buddhism of East Asia and Western postmodernism) that may help others understand how they connect in modern society. The book worked to show that even though there are traditions that have different elements, they work together to guide thinkers in the same direction. This may help others understand calm and serenity commonly associated with this culture.

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