A List Of Interesting Research Paper Topics In Psychology

Psychology is one of the most interesting subjects to write a research paper for. You would be able to come up with great ideas and explore new directions if you have an interest in the subject. It is not mandatory that you like to talk about each section of the subject because it is a wide subject and you can break it down into different categories and sub categories. You may want to consider looking at the major branches like child psychology, clinical psychology, military psychology, transpersonal, social, and industrial and community psychology etc. When you divide the subject into these major sections, you can then go ahead and choose one that interests you the most. Again, it is not necessary that a person interested in clinical psychology can write well about children psychology. As you pick a subject area for yourself, you should break it down into further sub divisions so that you can narrow down your niche for the assignment

Choosing a topic of a research paper in psychology

The topic of your paper is very important because it will decide the direction and scope of your paper. You can tell your audience what you are going to present and talk about in the rest of the paper. The most important thing about your topic is that it must be unique and original. You should explore a new aspect in your assignment that still needs attention by your target audience. If you are having a hard time in picking an interesting topic for your paper, then you should consider the following suggestions.

  1. Is free range parenting a better approach than helicopter parenting for bringing up smart kids
  2. What is important for a neuropsychologist to deal with a patient of multiple sclerosis
  3. Why do people have social anxiety and the fear of speaking in public spaces
  4. What are the reasons behind a person being nymphomaniac
  5. How does child abuse effect the mental health of the individual in the longer run
  6. How does domestic violence effect a relationship
  7. What are the common things in backgrounds and life history of smokers
  8. Why are certain people addicted to alcohol knowing that it is harmful
  9. How can you overcome a depression if you do not want medication
  10. Do plants and animals have emotions and feelings

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