Cell Phones And Privacy Rights

With the advent of technology, a lot of benefits have been realized. However, there are some disturbing tendencies that have come with the latest technology in the mobile phone industries. Our smartphones have continued to betray us in what is seen as an infringement of the right to privacy. Today, it is easy to keep snapping a photo of a sunset using an iPhone and upload it on a social website without much struggle. While it was a simple task of uploading a simple photo, the smart device does more than that by transmitting other details. For instance, a smartphone can collect and store data concerning a person’s real-time location and again broadcast it when photos are uploaded on the internet. Your privacy is then let down with the use of such a device. The settings of the cell phones are too complicated for some users and have been caught up in such a mess through what has now been commonly known as a Geotag.

Privacy rights have been infringed by technology through Geotag. Well, this is the practice of providing extra information about a person’s location especially about the GPS coordinates to different media types like photos. It works by embedding the information in a manner that could not be visible with the naked eye. Geotags can be made visible through the user of browser plug-ins and programs of software that can show the local information attached to photos and videos along with other media types. Technology has created a very important requirement that looks like cleaning waste before throwing away. What this means is that, before donating a cell phone, it is important to delete personal information permanently otherwise wise it can compromise on your privacy.

Most phones would require resetting that may seem to delete information. However, the lost information can be retrieved through certain software programs. For a successful deletion of personal data from a phone, there is a safety deleting procedure provided in the manual. Help can be sought from the phone company to make everything good. Today, people can easily track others based on the information being transmitted by their cell phones. While the cell phone is believed to be a very useful device, it can produce detrimental effects to the user especially in a situation where the users don’t know how to control and manage its settings. This presents a major risk with their use and therefore a major breach of people’s rights and freedoms.

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