Academic Advice: How do You Write a Proposal Paper?

What is a Proposal Paper?

A proposal paper is simply an essay in which you try to persuade the audience that whatever you are discussing and how you feel about that topic is the right choice to make, and you try to win them over to agree with you. This works for people who are interested in investing, have ideas for new products, have tons of fun and exciting new projects, as well all kinds of other reasons. Proposal papers are meant to be more for the business world however, they are becoming more and more of an everyday occurrence with the economic industry as well as a requirement for college classes.

Parts of a Proposal Paper:

  • Introduction- Meant to inform the reader of the topic being discussed.
  • Proposal- This is otherwise known as the statement of purpose which is where you mention how you stand on the topic being discussed and why.
  • Plan of action- In this section, you mention how your beliefs on the product will play out. You should write this section in a way that will capture their attention and keep it so they feel the same as you do in the end. To be more specific this is where the benefits of the topic are described.
  • Desired outcomes- The desired outcome is where you state what the goals you have are. This sounds similar to the benefits, but in this section, it is meant to really bring the speech home and make people realize the matter at hand.
  • Resources needed- Both tangible and intangible items are needed in order to create a perfect proposal paper; these items can include but are not limited to, money, paper, computers, books, one’s’ time, one’s’ energy, newspapers, etc.
  • Conclusion- (Normally this is where you restate what your introduction is but with a proposal paper you don’t do this.) You are better off mentioning something historical on the same topic, and then reiterating how everyone would benefit from being onboard and agreeing with everything that you say.

In the end composing a proposal paper is like writing any other type of paper, the body and style are similar, it’s just the wording that will be more upscale. All information needs to be accurate and alluring and to ensure resources that are being used are valid they need to be credible and mentioned in a works cited page after the conclusion of the paper.

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