Generating Ideas for College Essays

Writing a college essay can actually be an interesting task when you know what to write about.  For many students, choosing a topic poses the most challenge because there are certain aspects you need to able to explain when you write the essay.  If the topic doesn’t allow you to do, you may find yourself struggling to get the essay written.  When you have the freedom to choose your topic, there are a few points that may help you focus on finding something interesting to write.

Choose Something You Can Write About with Efficient Time

Keep your deadline in mind when selecting your topic.  Some students make the mistake of choosing a topic without being mindful of how long they have to get the essay written.  You should choose something that will present sufficient data, but you shouldn’t spend too much time conducting research and writing notes.  You want to have a good amount of time left to complete your essay without rushing to get it done. 

Write About What You Know

Choose a topic of interest that you feel you can complete with less worries.  This can be a good opportunity to do more research on something you are passionate about.  In this, you can present details about what you know, but with depth and deeper understanding.  It can make the research and writing aspects of the essay easier to tackle.  Plus, you may have a better idea how long it will take you to finish it since you may have enough knowledge on the topic to get started. 

Write About Current Events, What’s Trending or Controversial

An essay topic that lets you express your feelings can be something interesting to writing about.  You have the opportunity to do research that will support your main idea.  At the same time, you can include opinions and feelings of those who may not feel the same way.  This can be an opportunity to raise awareness about a cause or encourage people to be proactive.

Try a New Approach to Something Already Written or Researched

Depending on your interests (or even your college major) there are topics that have been research over and over again, but with a twist or new angle.  Maybe you share similar interests with others on a topic or subject, but want to write about it in a different way. Do to this, you may need to research your subject and get more in-depth knowledge to form a different thesis or main idea.

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