20 Excellent Pop Culture Essay Topics For High School 

There are many excellent pop culture essay topics for high school students. If you are in high school and you want a good topic for your next paper, consider the topics below:

  1. Write about the pop art movement during the 20th century and the changes it brought about
  2. Explain high class and low class culture as deemed by Raymond Williams and why there is thought to be this division
  3. Write a paper about the hip hop culture and how it connects people from around the world through music
  4. Write a paper that follows pop art from the 1960s and whether it really was a simple appropriate or not
  5. Discuss the music from the 1960’s and how it helped to shape different historical and social events of that time
  6. Explain the merchandise that came about in response to the 2005 obsession with the Twilight books
  7. Explain the differences between Old English Lit. and current pop culture
  8. Write about the treatment that homosexuals receive in pop culture
  9. Explain the Warhol Effect that has taken place over the last decade, with Andy Warhol art being mass produced around the world with replicas now widely available
  10. Explain whether pop culture has a violent message
  11. Write about the television show The Simpsons and how it acts as an icon for pop culture
  12. Write about the trend of virtual combat games within pop culture
  13. Explain how Andy Warhol is really the leader of pop art
  14. Write about pop culture compared between 1960 and 1990.
  15. Explain the intersection of pop culture and identity
  16. Discuss the impact that pop culture has had on religions. There is no room within modern pop culture to think backward, and yet religious doctrines do this regularly. There are now many people who live double lives because pop culture forces them to always look forward while religion forces them to always look back.
  17. Write a paper that focuses on the sociological aspects of pop culture and the media. Explore how the media influences current pop culture and how these sources of information now double as sources of entertainment.
  18. Write a paper about the blurred line between pop culture and high culture and how they have, over time, been linked.
  19. Write a paper about social networking and its related and influence on pop culture
  20. Explain Waffle House as an icon for pop culture.

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