How to write an essay: starting out

Writing an essay is going to be a requirement of many classes that students take throughout their educational experience. Instructors assign writing because it demands a unique connection between the student and the information that they are supposed to be learning. As they create academic papers about the subjects they study, the facts have to at least for a moment pass from the resource through their brain and onto paper through writing or typing. It is the hope of the educators that some of the knowledge will stay in the brain as the student relays the topic. In order to complete an academic essay of any kind, a student has to learn how to follow the writing process for themselves. The best place to being is at the start.

Ideas are the Seeds of Essays

To begin the writing process to create an essay, you have to build a list of possible essay idea. This list will provide ideas for the essay you are currently working on and for essays in the future. To compile a good list a student should undergo a quick brainstorming process. You can brainstorm with others or by yourself. The process is basically the same. All ideas are placed on a list without prejudice. It doesn’t matter what your initial thought might be, all ideas go onto the list. Once you have compiled a hefty list of ideas to write about then begin to sift through them. Dismiss ideas that don’t fit the subject and those that simply don’t interest you. Pare the list down to three to five that you really like.

Write a Thesis

No matter what level of academic paper is being created there is a need for a thesis statement. This is the idea that guides your writing and tells the world basically why the paper is being written in the first place. For each of the final ideas completed during brainstorming, write a short thesis. This statement should give you a good idea how easy it would be to complete a paper of the appropriate length by following that topic. If all of your topics seem to work, then choose the one that you are most passionate about and use that for your essay. If there are any doubts about the final structure of your thesis or the idea itself then consult your instructor. This serves two purposes. First it will show that you are working diligently on completing the assignment and secondly it will involve the teacher in your essay and get them invested. Psychologically they will give you a better grade because they can’t help it.

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