3 things that define a legit essay writing company

There are several things that are all common with essay writing companies. You will notice that all of the websites for these services are very similar. This is to be expected as there isn’t much else these services offer. They’ll write your essays, but it’s not like they have many other services so you’ll see plenty of the same things no matter what site you go to. This is what really makes these services difficult to separate legit from scams. Here are some of the typical characteristics:

  • List of kinds of essays offered
  • Testimonials
  • Stock photos
  • Customer helpline
  • Free samples
  • Order form
  • “About us” page or a main page trying their best to sell you on their services

There might be some sort of deal being offered. Let’s go into how to spot legit ones.

Layout of the Site

This isn’t just the grammar the site is written. With a legit site, you will get a top notch paper completed and to the “T” per your instructor’s directions. As far as what to look for though, you want a very professional looking site free of any typos and grammatical errors. You also don’t want any hanging code. It also helps if everything is up to date. If there are updates on the front page for anything, they shouldn’t be particularly old (6 months or older) or at the minimum within that year. All of the essentials for the site listed above should be included.

Pricing and Order Form

Be sure to compare several sites’ prices against each other. If the sites’ prices are similar, it’s a good indication that these are legit to some degree. The site that sticks out is the one with the lowest price. Normal going rates could be anywhere between $20-$40 per page depending on the kind of essay to be written and the time window, but services that offer $10.95 or something in the undercutting range without some sort of special deal being offered should be approached with caution.

The order form should look professional as well. A hastily thrown together order form or one that isn’t particularly detailed about all services offered should be approached with caution as well.

Social Networking

Even if the service has a Twitter or Facebook that hasn’t been updated and has no actual input from customers, it’s a pretty good sign that a number of people use the service. A service with nothing could still be legit, but you should probably look around and see what’s up with it.

If you’re uncertain about anything, always remember to look around online and on forums.

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