Where To Search For Fictional Narrative Essay Examples: 7 Practical Tips

A narrative essay is an academic paper in which the author writes a story. Sometimes, teachers ask students to write fictional narrative papers. While writing about something that actually happened to you is fairly easy, to write a fictional story is more difficult. It’s advisable to look at good examples before writing such a paper. Here are some sources where you should be able to find sample papers.

  1. A teacher.
  2. If you want to get some examples for your narrative paper, you should approach the teacher who instructed you to do this task. This is a very reliable source of help. A teacher will give you only sample papers that meet the requirements of their assignment.

  3. A school library.
  4. Another easily accessible place to look for examples is your school library. Many academic papers that are written by students of your school are stored there. It’s likely that you’ll find more than one decent example for your fictional narrative essay in a school library.

  5. A school database.
  6. Your school should also have a database where papers are stored electronically. This source is perfect for you if you don’t want to deal with actual papers. All you need is to download needed examples.

  7. Your friends.
  8. If you have older friends who study at the same school as you, it’s possible to ask them for help. They probably have written similar papers in the past, so you can ask them to give you their old essays. Be careful, however, because such examples might contain mistakes.

  9. Academic writing centers.
  10. To find good examples for your narrative essay, you can also approach writing centers. These organizations provide students with various services related to academic writing. Keep in mind that they usually require payment for their services.

  11. Online libraries.
  12. It’s possible to find decent sample papers on the Internet, too. There are many online databases and libraries that store large amounts of academic papers. You can look for some free examples of narrative papers on such sites.

  13. Online essay writing agencies.
  14. If you’re ready to pay money for a good sample paper, you may use the services of an academic paper writing website. Usually, they write custom essays for students, but you can just ask them to give you a particular sample paper. If a writing agency is reliable, this won’t cost you very much money.

If you follow these tips, you’ll find plenty of good examples for your fictional narrative paper.

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