4 Types Of Writing: Choosing The Most Beneficial And Outstanding

A good essay requires you to have very organized writing skills. You have to reach the audience by using the right writing style. There are 4 types of writing styles into practice. Knowing about all these 4 writing styles is important for any writer either professional or some student writing it at an institutional level. The style of writing essentially reflects the personality, knowledge and the unique style of the writer.

4 types of writing styles:

Following are the 4 types of writing styles with their brief description:

  1. Expository writing – The expository style of writing is a very subject oriented style in which the prime focus of the writer is in telling his audience in-depth detail about the given subject or the topic. The writer shouldn’t be bothering about his personal opinions about the subject. Rather, he should critically focus on the facts related to the subject. This is probably the most common style of writing which you normally see in textbooks and a lot of informative articles found on the web.
  2. Descriptive writing – The descriptive writing style, just as the name suggests, is about focusing on the description of a character, event, place or a thing. It can be sometimes poetic in tone where the writer's sole aim is to specify the core details of any event or a character, rather than just giving the simple and straight information about what exactly happened in a particular event or what exactly happened or was done by a character.
  3. Persuasive writing – The persuasive style of writing is very much the opposite of expository writing style. In the persuasive style of writing, the writer is bound to give his personal opinions, justification and can show biasness towards a certain thing or an idea. The writer in the persuasive writing aims to convince the audience toward his ideology by giving his personal opinions and justifications. It is the type of writing which you normally see in many of the complaint letters, TV commercials, affiliate marketing and several other copyright texts.
  4. Narrative writing – In a narrative style of writing, the author intends to tell you a story by disposing himself as the character. It is the style of writing which you normally find in many of the novels, biographies and short stories. The narrative style of writing in simple words is just an art of telling a story to the audience.

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