How to select an original Essay Topic

Essay writing is a difficult task but selecting a topic of an original essay is even more time taking. Sometimes teachers suggest the topic of essay but mostly a student has to select on his own. A topic of an original essay is selected by adopting following strategies:

  1. Allocate adequate time for topic selection:
    • As an essay cannot be written in rush same is the case with original essay topic selection. Choose more than one topic. Give adequate time for searching data on different topics. From these set of topics a student has to select such topics which appeals him more. After giving a lot of time to gather data about topics, pick the one which supports your thoughts.
    • Searching practice should be started in advance because all parts of essay require sufficient time and in the end you also have to edit your paper.
    • The topic you have selected should be searched in detail. You should think about it for hours and hours. Put questions on topic that why you have selected this topic? What is your purpose behind this search? To what extent you are zealous to do your work and many other questions like this.
    • The ideas you have written about your topic should be analyzed by your teacher, family or friends. They will help you to evaluate what is wrong what is right? What should be a part of your essay and what not? In fact, they help you to narrow your topic by omitting extra words.
  2. Select a topic which suits you and write down a narrative about it:
    • After selecting a topic of your own choice, start writing about it what you have searched from official sources.
    • The information you write in your essay should be realistic. It should not be written completely on your ideas.
    • Try to choose that topic which is rarely worked upon. Topic should be unique.
    • Try to make the storyline interesting from reader’s point of view. You should not select a topic which is not of your interest. In such a case you will be unable to narrate it in true meanings.
  3. Decide your boundaries:
    • A student has to write which is important. He should not write extra and unrelated material in his essay.
  4. Try to be yourself:
    • The ideas you write in your essay should be purely your own.

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