How To Write A Quick Personal Essay Draft

It doesn't matter whether you are enthusiastic or very slow about tackling the draft of a personal essay. The fact remains, it has to be written. So because it is essential, here are some tips to help you make your essay writing the smoothest and easiest experience. And they have the added benefit of aiming to improve your actual writing. Follow these steps and you will find you can quickly create a draft of a personal essay.

  • write the due-by date of your essay
  • write the title of your personal essay
  • clean up your work space
  • remove distractions
  • brainstorm some ideas
  • create an outline
  • write the first draft as quickly as you can

When you have the date by which your personal essay has to be put in clearly in your view, it will impress upon you the need for getting things done as soon as possible. On the same page on which the due-by date appears, write the title of your personal essay. Write it in large capital letters.

Now you're ready to begin the setup of your writing activity. For this you need to tidy your desk. You need to make your workspace as comfortable and as functional as possible. Get rid of the clutter. Make sure the lighting is right. And then you must remove any and all distractions. If your television is also on your desk, this is a no-no. If there are other people in the place where you are working who are likely to come in and interrupt you, close the door and put a sign on saying ‘no interruptions’.

Finally you are ready to actually start the writing of your personal essay. Do some brainstorming. Looking at the topic of your essay, write down as many words as you can think of which are in any way related to your topic. Don't think about the spelling. Simply write as many words as you can. Then take a highlighter pen and highlight those words which you believe are relevant to your essay.

Use those highlighted words as points in your plan or outline. So now you have a single piece of paper with the main points you wish to make and finally you are ready to actually write.

When it comes to writing the personal essay quickly, do just that. You have a clean workspace, no interruptions and a plan with everything you wish to include. Write your essay as quickly as possible and only then will you worry about editing and corrections.

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