Useful Advice On How To Make A Good Research Paper Introduction

Most researchers will tell you that the introduction can be the part of their research paper that is quite difficult to write. This is because not only does the introduction have the job of creating a background for the central theme of the paper, it also has to be a marketing tool. By this, we mean that it has to do the job of enticing the reader to read on and finish the rest of the paper. An introduction, therefore, not only poses the central question of the paper but also provides context for why that question is important.

Writing an Introduction

  • The opening paragraph begins by providing a general introduction to the topic. This will start with a sentence or two that will provide some background information about the topic.
  • The most recommended method is to use the funnel method. You start with a broad description of the topic area and then narrow down towards your topic, providing specific focus and finally providing your take on the matter or your thesis statement.
  • The introduction can run most of the length of a page but is mostly limited to two thirds of a page.
  • Given that an introduction can contain a few paragraphs, it is important that you introduce your topic in the very first paragraph. There is no use waiting for later as that will put readers off your writing.
  • Given the above, the thesis statement is usually placed as the last sentence of the opening paragraph of the introduction.
  • As you write further, make sure everything you write appears in the same chronological order it appears in the rest of the paper. This type of continuity helps the reader follow your arguments and retain focus.
  • The next phase of the introduction includes navigating your readers through the major arguments of your research work, again in the order they appear in your paper.
  • Following the major arguments, you can introduce the objectives of conducting the research and why it is important.
  • The end part of the introductory section is a summary of the results.

Evaluation of the Introduction

After you are done writing the intro, make sure to do the following for a thorough evaluation of this section.

  • Edit your introduction. Read and reread it to make sure it flows and what you are saying is logical. Rewrite any passages in order to simplify language and structure it better so that the reader understands your points.
  • Read your introduction followed by the rest of the paper and the conclusion to make sure that all of it flows from one to the next. Revise and rewrite where necessary.
  • Proofread and correct any spelling and punctuation mistakes.

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