Delphy referral hospital was clearly out of place. It’s quiet environment, which had made it a preferred centre for treatment and medical research had been engulfed by a haze of activities. Loud siren broke the once peaceful and young night as ambulances frantically made way into the premises. Several cars made haste to pave way for these attention seeking vehicles which were now pacing towards the emergency wing of the hospital. Suddenly, paramedics shot out of the ambulances and began to lift the injured onto stretchers, as they wheeled them towards the emergency unit.

Pairs of nervous yet concerned faces popped out of the five-storeyed building, as patients peeped by the windows from their rooms to catch a glimpse of the incident below. By the entrance, people stood transfixed from a distance as if taking precautions to evade any perilous incident that could occur at that untimely moment. The once calm, brightly lit room was buzzing with activities. Both sides of the room were strewn with beds on which patients lay groaning. Some had broken limbs while others were bleeding profusely. Paramedics and doctors joined forces in carrying out injections and administering diagnoses. There had been a dreadful accident involving a bus in which college students were traveling after attending a match and a minivan in which a family was traveling. Unfortunately, most of the passengers were critically injured.

Dr. Wandia scrutinized the room for a moment then gave a sigh of relief. He was evidently satisfied by their effort. He was leaving the room when he noticed a man who lay on a bed a few metres away, smiling tearfully. He walked briskly towards the man who was middle-aged. Strangely, the man was only slightly injured on his left shoulder which was lightly bandaged. He proceeded to carry out tests on him, which came out negative. The man looked at him and inquired about his family.

Dr. Wandia was not sure about their status but he looked at the man in the eyes and assured him of their safety. He then began to walk away, heard a heavy drop and turned. He saw the man writhing on the floor and clutching his chest. He rushed towards him and discovered that he was struggling to breath. To his surprise, he had not seen the blood spots on the man’s eyes.

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