What is an Essay?

Most students don’t like writing essays. This is a simple, common fact. Because having to do research about something you may not be interested in and then write about it just sounds gross, right? Well here we’re going to talk about what an essay is and all about writing them.

  1. Why do teachers always assign essays? An essay is a project that will test you in multiple ways, and it’s a good judge of how much you’ve retained from the class as well as your ability to express what you’ve learned. Because of this, an essay is a common assignment. When you write an essay, you are showing the teacher how much you remember, expressing your opinions about it, and also directing the reader of the essay towards a certain point of view: yours.
  2. What good does it do to be good at writing? There are many reasons why being a good writer is a good skill to have. The first is that you can get your homework done a lot faster and easier if you’ve practiced writing. Also, there are a lot of people who aren’t as good at writing and you can get lucrative job opportunities from that skill. Apart from work and school, there are things you can do for fun such as start a blog about your favorite hobby and write to the internet about your passions.
  3. How come essays have to be so long? The length of an essay is usually a few pages long and that’s mostly because any shorter and you wouldn’t have the time or space to be able to do question #1. Since you want to prove to your teacher that you’ve really learned what they’ve been teaching, you need some room to do this.

If you’ve wondered about what an essay is, hopefully this has given you some food for thought. More clarity on the subject might include why students don’t like writing them. For the most part, students dislike essays because they are out of practice at writing, or don’t want to put in the time for enough research, or they have better things to do like watch their favorite TV show. When it comes time that you are assigned an essay, at least now you can understand why and how it’s useful to your education to be able to write one and have that practice.

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