7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

To say that there is a formula for success that must be followed by all teens would be a misrepresentation of the facts. Each individual has things that work for them that might not work for others. Yet there are going to be a few constants for the success of teens that transcend culture, geography and educators. For the purposes of this essay we will compile 7 habit of highly effective teens so that all teens might be able to strive to be more successful in all that they endeavor to do. This was the title of a best selling book in the 1990’s by a fellow named Sean Covey.

  1. Being Proactive
  2. Teach teens to take control of their actions and determine exactly how life is going to be treating them. Do not stand on the sidelines of life and wait for someone to dictate the experiences that you are going to have. Rather find out what you want and strive to reach it. Being proactive is important for success in people of all ages.

  3. Know the End Game
  4. When a task is started it should be with the desired result in mind. This means that each of the actions and behaviors of a child can have a distinct reason behind them. This should be the case in any learning environment or any activity that takes place in their school or in their life.

  5. Organize Priorities
  6. Developing the habit of looking at things from a perspective of accomplishment is significant to teens and achieving their success. Given a goal, all teens should be able to prioritize their actions in order to bring that to the best conclusion possible.

  7. Win Win
  8. This should be the end result of each teens conversations about each problem they face. First it will teach that all parties can become happy with the results of an interaction. Secondly it teaches that the world does not simply revolve around them and the thoughts and feelings of others are not only important but vital to the conclusion of all things.

  9. Be an Active Listener
  10. As teens grow up, listening isn’t something that they practice and need to learn how to do, in order to allow their thoughts to represent the thoughts and feelings of all parties involved in any circumstances. Each person needs to understand other perspectives.

  11. Power of the Group
  12. There is a natural symmetry that exists when two or more people work together to reach a common goal. This often is the case in team sports and one of the most valuable lessons that can be learned by participation. It is also the case for group projects and club activities as well.

  13. Take Personal Time
  14. Each person, regardless of age should take a bit of time for themselves which is going to allow them to rejuvenate themselves. It could be through some quiet time or the pursuit of a hobby, either way it will help build a lifelong habit that will continually allow for personal growth.

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