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Essay writing depends upon practice. If a person thinks that he can write two essays in the same time in which he writes one essay then he has to follow some tips that will help him writing the essay faster. Here are some tips and tactics for writing an essay faster.

Tips for writing the essay faster:

The tips for writing an essay faster are as follows:

Do not waste time on changing the words while writing:

It is basically the first and most important tip of all that when you are writing the essay you do not need to bother the words that you are using in making the sentences. Go with a flow in which you are writing. Do not stop in the middle to check the mistakes and edit them. When you are running in a flow any resistance will break the flow of your writing and you will disperse from the point that you were going to prove. After completing your essay then go back and start reading from the beginning and edit the mistakes.

Make a sketch or outline of the topic before writing:

Before start writing your essay you need to make an outline. It will become your schedule and you will work according to a timetable. The benefit of making an outline is that you won’t miss the important points and also do not repeat them.

Keep a stop watch with you will writing essay:

Usually it is recommended that when you are writing the essay you need to keep a stop watch or simple watch with you. Set the alarm timer of ten or twelve minutes and start writing. Do not stop until the alarm rings. It will help you to write consistently.

Find the references and quotes in another time:

While you are writing the essay you do not need to waste your time in finding out the references and quotes of the experts for your topic. Leave this task on another time. Add the related citations and references but not in the time when you have set the timer.

Switch off all the connections that connect you with the world:

It is a necessary dictation that you do not need to keep your connection devices activated for the time when you are writing the essay. These all are the diversions from your work and you will not be able to write faster.

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