Hiring an Expert to Write a Custom Essay

Balancing work, classes, assignments, and having a social life can be impossible at times. When you’re particularly overwhelmed, hiring an expert to help you write an essay for a class or assignment can be one way to open up your schedule and spare your sanity. But selecting an expert introduces a whole new problem and source of stress! Follow this short guide and make the process of hiring an expert essay writer a little bit easier.

  1. Find A Reputable Service
  2. Some essay writing services are better than others. Locate a service that specializes in the type of assignment you are seeking to complete, whether it is a brief essay, a term paper, a dissertation, or something else entirely. Look for a site that is well designed and that allows you to pick the essay writer you want, based on their experience and knowledge base. Do a quick search for the company you select, to verify it is not a scam and doesn’t have negative reviews.

  3. Speak Closely With Your Writer
  4. Describe your assignment to your writer in as much detail as possible. Ask them about their experience and expertise, and don’t hesitate to cancel a relationship if you catch any red flags. A few emails with your writer will help you to ascertain their level of knowledge and the quality of their English writing skills. Before you hire the writer, make sure they understand your expectations for the assignment, in terms of length, time frame, content, and topic.

  5. Provide As Much Information As Possible
  6. Give your writer a draft of the essay, if you have written one, as well as the syllabus for your class, any rubric or instructions the teacher has provided, and example papers if any have been shared with your class. Tell your writer exactly what you are looking for, and help them to craft a better essay by answering any of their questions. If you are still a bit uncertain about the writer, ask them to provide you with an initial draft and then provide feedback.

  7. Pay Securely
  8. One way to ensure that both you and your essay writer are protected is to use an escrow service or a retainer. Either pre-pay the agreed upon fee into an escrow service, which will hold onto the money until the task is completed, or give your writer a small portion of the overall fee as a “retainer”. This will protect you from having your money taken away, and will help the writer feel more confident about you as a client.

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