Where can i get free essay examples?

Essay samples are a growing fad in undergraduate education. More and more undergraduates are using sample papers to improve their grades, and sometimes to supplement their own writing. Unfortunately, most essay writing services charge a steep fee for their products; some even charge an hourly or word count based rate. The average low income college student simply cannot afford to buy a paper for every assignment they face in their courses.

If you would like to avail yourself to sample essay papers but cannot afford to hire a professional to write essays for you (or to purchase pre-written essays from a service), you may wish to find free essay samples online and elsewhere. Thankfully, there are a number of sources where you can turn for such assistance. Below are just a few to consider.

A Caveat

If you are looking for free sample essays to submit as your own work, do so at your own peril. If a paper is available for free on the web, it has probably been accessed, used, and submitted as homework by other students in the past. The easier a paper is to find on the web, the more you can be certain that someone else has tried to pass the essay off as their own work.

Not only is this academically dishonest, it is highly risky for your own educational prospects. If an essay has been turned in before by anyone, at any university, ever, then that essay is recorded on plagiarism tracking websites such as TurnItIn, and other services. If you submit this paper (or portions of it) as your own work, it will set off alarm bells. Committing plagiarism can lead to losing all points on an assignment, as well as flunking out of a class or even facing expulsion. So be careful as you search for sample papers!

Offline Sources

If you would like example essays, turn to your friends who have taken the same course previously. Ask people you have met in your major program, or ask around the clubs and extra curriculars you attend. You may find someone who is willing to provide you with a sample paper that they personally have written. You may also want to ask your academic adviser, major adviser, or even your course instructor. Some professors are more than happy to provide sample papers to inspire their students.

Online Sources

If you cannot find a hard copy sample essay, perform a simple web search for the type of assignment you are seeking. You will find many sites that charge a fee, but some will offer essay samples for free.

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