Buying a Plagiarism free Essay

Plagiarism is the use of another person’s ideas without their knowledge, consent or without giving them the right recognition. Plagiarism can be intentional or unintentional and is a very serious offence in the academic sector. When buying an essay, to get the best plagiarism free quality article one has to consider many factors. The student should.

  • Chose the right company- Choosing the right company is the first step towards buying a quality thesis online. One should make sure they choose the company which provides the right conditions that they desire.
  • Go through the company samples- the writer should make sure they go through samples of some of the works the company has been doing beforehand. This will give them an idea of the level of skill and experience that the writers in that company have. They will be able to gauge the level of accuracy the writers deliver and the style of writing. It is helpful if the customer looks at samples from topics related or close to the one which the thesis is about. This will give them a rough idea of what they are paying for.
  • Check customer reviews- another helpful method of getting information about the quality of a writing service’s work is through the feedback from customers. Not everyone gives feedback about the papers they receive but some people will and these are the ones the customer should look for. A company with a lot of negative feedback should not be trusted. On the other hand, a company with too much positive feedback is also suspicious.
  • Make sure the writing company and the writer involved knows exactly what they desire out of the admission essay. This should include strict instructions to avoid plagiarism at all cost. They should outline the requirements and writing guidelines and not assume anything. This ensures that the writer does not get disappointed with the paper.
  • The writer can ask the company to deliver an outline, small sample of the work or an introduction. This gives the student an idea of what to expect. If the works is of satisfactory standard in terms of plagiarism, the writer can then continue with the work.
  • The student should be in contact with the writer at all times, give timely feedback and clarify areas that are vague.
  • There are online plagiarism checking tools that either the student or the writing company can use. The student should ensure they are used or demand proof.

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